Day 1 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Letting Go

Welcome to Day One - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting.

Congratulations for BEing here and thank you for joining me on this deLIGHTful 40 day adventure!
I have a feeling that we'll be experiencing many magical moments together.

I just love the divine winks that show up the moment you say YES to YOU. The synchronicity of divine timing. The messages and signs appearing everywhere.

I'm sure you've said YES on many occasions and then had your moments of wondering what the heck you'd been thinking. I know I have! Yet looking back, you can probably see how divinely orchestrated it all was. 

You had a divine appointment and you showed up. These appointments tend to call for a willingness to get out of your mind and surrender into the wisdom of your heart. 

Allowing your divine Self to guide you and trusting that you'll be shown which steps to take and when. Divine manifesting at its finest.

What comes to mind for you when you think of divine manifesting?

As I was reading the astrology New Moon update at , this question jumped out at me as being so very appropriate for this 40 day journey:

How willing are you to surrender up your defences, fears and denials to stand up and take back your power?

Then I pulled a card from the Liquid Crystal Oracle for our 40 day journey together and it was Green Calcite, whose theme is 'Letting Go' and whose message is:

"Time to cut the ties and release yourself forward, every day in life is a challenge of integration and growth. That which is not recognized is left awaiting our return to deliver its important lessons and messages. 

Remember, all in our world is valid and has purpose. The time has come to heal and forgive yourself into wholeness where you can see the totality of you and your creations.

Green Calcite calls forward the parts left behind in moments where we feared or allowed unrealized Power, Love and/or Wisdom to direct us. 

From that moment forwards, your life has not been your own, tainted by the influence of another person, job, place or circumstance. 

Letting Go is not the loss of anything, in truth it is the rediscovery of you and your path in the world, untainted and whole. Forgive, Love and Heal.

When the mind perceives the end, the Spirit is just beginning, journey on."

Then I had a look at the colors connected to the original start date, 11 January 2016, and that was a 12/3 day. The fascinating thing I've witnessed time and again from facilitating the various 40 day programs over the last few years, is that it doesn't matter when you start this journey. The daily themes seem to resonate regardless of when you commence this 40 day adventure. You are likely to discover this for yourself.

A few days prior to starting the creation phase of 40 Days of Divine Manifesting,  I felt a nudge to pick up my AuraSoma® color care system from the storage place and to take their photos in the beautiful gardens of the home I was looking after.  I've nicknamed this location my Lakshmi Residence because it's such a magnificent place.

Wouldn't you know it? This particular color combination is all about giving voice to your divine Self! To allow the light of consciousness to illuminate your divine expression and to be aware of your power to let your words and thoughts be messengers of peace or chaos. What will you choose?

This bottle is called 'Peace in the New Aeon' and its message is:
"As I honor the peace within I am open to the light."

It is clear in the upper fraction and blue in the lower fraction. When blended, it is pale blue.


The underlying energy is expressed through #3, which is 'The Heart Bottle/ Atlantean Bottle', and whose message is: "I express truthfully from the heart."

It is blue in the upper fraction, emerald green in the lower fraction, and when blended it becomes turquoise.

This is about allowing yourself to take time out for yourself to connect with the wisdom of your heart, whether that be by meditation or going into nature, and discovering creative ways of giving voice to your unique divine brilliance. Giving voice to what truly matters to you.

Isn't that a beautiful way of describing divine manifesting?


As we start our 40 day journey today, I invite you to ponder the following questions and make a note of your responses in a journal.
  1. What does divine manifesting mean to me?
  2. What would be really fun to manifest throughout these next 40 days?
  3. What is the essence quality of what I'd love to manifest? In other words, how would it FEEL to have this in my life?

One way to play with this is to let that essence quality be your word for these 40 days. For example, it might be ease, joy, free, abundant, vibrant, expansive...

You could do this at the start of any project, a new year, a new phase in your life. It's about tapping into the vibrational frequency, the resonance, of what you're calling forth into form/ into matter.

And then dialling into that channel as you allow your divine essence, your resonance, to draw to you the people, events, circumstance that are a vibrational match.

You've probably experienced thinking you wanted something, only to find out it provided short term gratification and then chasing the next shiny object...

When you manifest as your divine Self then it may not always be what the personality self had in mind... yet it will be truly fulfilling.

As you get clear on what you'd like to manifest, you might discover that your divine Self can deliver the essence of what you're calling forth in infinite ways. Your personality might have preferences as to what these would be yet when you let go any attachment to HOW things show up or the form they take, then you open the way for optimal manifestation.

By now I'm sure you realise, this is not a linear path. It helps to re-mind yourself that the mind has been trained to think in linear terms so this is literally an invitation to get out out of your mind as your mind is re-trained to be in service of your divine Self. They make a fabulous team to embody your brilliance.

Before investing any energy into manifesting something new, it makes good sense to retrieve all the love, power and/or wisdom you've ever invested into projects, people and situations that are no longer - or perhaps never were- an optimal match for you.

Here's a meditation to support you with retrieving your own energy and letting go of what you've picked up along the way that's not yours. I invite you to give yourself permission to claim the next 12 minutes just for you...

With all of us participating in this 40 day adventure, the resonance of our collective field amplifies each of our individual 'contributions' and I can hardly wait to see what unfolds for you and all of us throughout 40 Days of Divine Manifesting!

Many joyful blessings,


40 Days of Divine Manifesting

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