40 Days of Divine Manifesting by Tina van Leuven

40 Days of Divine Manifesting

Ready to take your manifesting power to the next level?

40 Days of Divine Manifesting takes you on a deLIGHTful journey to turn up your manifesting mojo as you discover the joy of partnering with your Divine Self to manifest a deeply fulfilling life of abundance and flow.

Do you know the 3-step formula for manifesting anything you want in life?

And when I say anything, I do mean anything

This formula is how every single thing you’ve ever seen has come into existence:

  1. Get crystal clear on what it is you want and why.
  2. Let go of your control on how it will show up.
  3. Become a vibrational match.

That’s it! Nothing complicated about it.

If manifesting is so simple (and it is), then why does it feel so hard at times to create the exact life of your dreams?

What if the reason your potential hasn’t become your reality is because you’re afraid you aren’t good enough?

FEAR. That’s the big culprit. And every single fear stems from the one main one:

The fear of not being good enough.

In the course of your life, many fears have become so ingrained in your subconscious that you don’t even realize they exist.

Some of the most common manifestations of the fear of not being good enough are:

  • Imposter Syndrome
    “Who am I to do this?”

  • Fear of Rejection
    “What if they don’t like it?”

  • Anxiety and Worry
    “If life is good right now, something bad must be around the corner.”

  • Inability to trust
    “I’ve been disappointed before. Why would this time be any different?”

  • Lack of Confidence
    “I can’t do that.”

  • Obsession with what other people think
    “What will so-and-so say?!”

  • Difficulty Letting Go
    “I’m still just so bitter about X.”

  • Resisting change
    “This is the way it’s always been.”

Recognise any of the above?

If you have any unconscious fears running in the background — such as ending up all alone on the street or becoming a bag lady — then you’ll end up creating mixed results that don’t truly satisfy you.

If you knew, really knew in every part of your BEing that you are a unique expression of Source, All That Is... 

all part of the One...  

yet, like a facet of a diamond, sparkling in ways unique to your expression of divinity whilst interconnected with all the other facets of the diamond... 

then would you ever entertain the thought that you aren't good enough?

Of course not!

So what needs to be let go of to set yourself free from the fear of not being good enough?

So that when you say I AM ENOUGH, all of you is fully on board with this truth...

If you've ever set yourself any big goals and upon achieving them you discovered it wasn't as fulfilling as you'd imagined it would be, leaving you wondering:

Is this all there is?
There must be more...

So you set some new juicy goals to achieve in the hopes that this time it'd be different...

Then you're not alone my friend.

Society has taught us to chase ego-driven desires, which always wants instant gratification and will have you chasing the next next shiny object, the ONE thing that will finally satisfy you and bring you the success, joy and peace you've been longing for.

The problem with this approach is that whatever you manifest will never feel fulfilling.

Well, maybe for a short while... but it won't last.


Because this is manifesting based on attempting to change the effects/outcome/results in your life...

instead of manifesting as the cause of your creations.

  • Ego manifesting wants a different outcome in your life without having to change any of your habits or ways of thinking, feeling and doing the way you've always done things.

Regardless of whether that has worked for you or not, it'll push you to DO more of the same.

Didn't Einstein say the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results?

So easy to fall into this trap so don't beat yourself up over it. That's what ego will have you do and what's been passed down for many generations. 

Have a laugh at how well you may have played this game, be kind with yourself... and if you're done with this outdated way of manifesting, then read on :)

  • Because Divine Manifesting, on the other hand, is a deLIGHTful partnership with your Divine Self where you tap into the ESSENCE of what you desire to manifest and hence know you can truly manifest the essence of anything you desire.

This calls for a willingness to let go of HOW and WHEN your manifestations show up in your life...

and to trust that your Divine Self knows the optimal path to reach your destination and will reveal each step for you to take, as and when required.

All you 'do' is trust your inner guidance and take the inspired aligned action steps you're shown... 

going with the flow... 

being that flow... 

as you find yourself in the right place, at the right time, with just the right people and resources to manifest your juicy intentions in the most amazing ways and often waaaaaay more awesome than you could have imagined.

In fact, when you start living this way more and more, your life will often appear miraculous to anyone observing from the outside... 

and may seem that way to you as well until you realise you've mastered the Art of Essence Manifesting.

And this has become your new 'normal'.

Isn't that way more appealing and exciting, and not to mention way more fulfilling and empowering than chasing whichever latest hype or craze everyone is raving about?

Why 40 days?

If you've ever tried to break a bad habit by replacing it with a new habit, then you know how challenging it can be to make that new habit stick, right?

Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West summed it up beautifully:

  • It takes 40 days to change a habit
  • 90 days to confirm that habit
  • 120 days to BE that new habit
  • 1000 days for mastery

Now, as much as we might have the best intentions to aim for mastery, as Lao Tsu said:

Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step.

That's why I created 40 Days of Divine Manifesting :)

As with my other 40 day programs - 40 Days of Money and Miracles, and 40 Days of JOY - you'll find that regardless of when you participate, you'll receive exactly the right message at the right time for you.

40 Days of Divine Manifesting was first created in January 2016 and many of the participants have since repeated their 40 days numerous times, each time taking their experience deeper on their journey of Self Mastery.

Hi, I'm Tina

I'm a Joyful Soul Business Coach, Abundance Mindset Mentor and international bestselling author who knows how to  activate your Joy Spot for abundant living, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence. 

I'm passionate about helping others Source their life from joy, freedom and abundance instead of playing by the old rules of struggle, sacrifice and obligation. 

I absolutely love helping my clients upgrade their money mindset and align with their soul path so their life and business are a true expression of their divine essence.

I bring 30+ years experience of powerful energy healing from around the world to my practical out-of-the-box coaching style and have helped my clients find and marry the love of their life, make more money with more ease than ever before, transition out of their jobs into successful and fulfilling careers and businesses, move across continents to live somewhere they love and create a life worth waking up for every day.

I'm known as the Practical Joy Alchemist. I'm the host of the JOY Evolution Summit, have created numerous transformational online programs, including the life changing 40 Days of Money and Miracles and the popular Money Mindset Makeover. 

When I'm not creating magic with my clients, you’ll find me in the Indian ocean, playing with the dogs or cats I'm looking after, listening to inspiring podcasts, making my famous curry for friends, having a coffee at the beach and writing in my journal as new inspiration lands for what else is possible, or lounging on the couch with a good book or watching a movie.

Here's what's included in 40 Days of Divine Manifesting

  • Daily divine transmissions and deep reflective questions to call forth your inner wisdom and confidently embody your divine Self as you transform and optimise your manifesting mojo.

  • Gain amazing insight from your soul with the powerful daily color messages, included as a bonus! Color has been called the language of the soul and bypasses the conscious mind. You'll be amazed at their uncanny divine timing, as those who have gone before you have experienced time and time again.

    When you choose a number between 1-40, you’ll receive an intuitive message that gives you exactly what you need to know at that moment.  

    Many previous participants describe these messages as divine winks that made them feel deeply supported.

    You can go through the 40 days in their natural sequence or you can pick a number at random as if you're choosing an oracle card (even if you don’t do it as a 40-day program).

  • Many of the days included a guided meditation, visualisation or energy clearing and alignment to take your experience deeper than just getting it at a conscious level.

  • PLUS the super juicy BONUS  'How To Create Divine Team Meetings', which will give you the experience of feeling what it's like to have a support team that truly has your back, both on the energetic AND physical level.  

You can browse through the Table of Contents below to see the topics and themes included in your 40 day adventure.

What's included?

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Module 1 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Week One
BONUS: How To Create Divine Team Meetings
Day 1 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Letting Go
Day 2 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Claiming Your Space
Day 3 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Releasing Fear of Wisdom and Power
Day 4 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - A Friendly Universe?
Day 5 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Transformation and Getting Out Of Your Mind
Day 6 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting _ Fear Of Expressing Your Self
Day 7 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Finding Your Treasures
Module 2 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Week Two
Day 8 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Living In Material World
Day 9 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Kindness Reminder
Day 10 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Holding On And Breath Of Love
Day 11 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Stretching Your Capacity To Receive
Day 12 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Roadblocks And Expansion of Consciousness
Day 13 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Surrendering Personal Will Into Divine Will
Day 14 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Releasing Karmic Ties
Module 3 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Week Three
Day 15 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - How Much JOY Can You Allow?
Day 16 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Bye Bye Victim, Hello Circle Of Light
Day 17 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Asking For Support
Day 18 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - ME Time
Day 19 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Releasing Attachments
Day 20 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - The Inner Judge
Day 21 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Time And Divine Timing
Module 4 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Week Four
Day 22 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Commitment And Resistance
Day 23 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Leadership, Power And Abuse
Day 24 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Fountain And Pot Of Gold At Rainbow's End
Day 25 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Wisdom Of Love
Day 26 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Your Ideal Day
Day 27 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Your Sensual Nature
Day 28 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Surrender and the Void
Module 5 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Week Five
Day 29 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Collaboration
Day 30 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Plans and Changes
Day 31 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Speak Your Truth
Day 32 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Shine Your Light
Day 33 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Let Your Voice Be Heard
Day 34 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - New Foundations and Releasing Expectations Disappointment Pattern
Day 35 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - The Joy of Wisdom
Module 6 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Week Six
Day 36 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Turn On Your Heart Light
Day 37 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Discover Your Authentic Voice
Day 38 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Bright Light, Blank Canvas
Day 39 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Your Heart's Treasures
Day 40 - 40 Days of Divine Manifesting - Celebrate Your Brilliance
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