Abundant Soulpreneur Summit Wisdom Bundle by Tina van Leuven

Abundant Soulpreneur Summit Wisdom Bundle

Get access to the amazing wisdom and business training resources shared by our team of experts to support you with sales, copywriting, sales funnels, marketing and mastering social media, branding, unstoppable confidence, energy alignment and so much more.  - all for just $29

Our Expert Team To Support YOU

Stefanie LaHart - Founder and Lead Social Media Strategist for BoomTown Marketing

Joseph Rea - Copywriter & Messaging Professional 

Samara Stone - ​Social Work Entrepreneur

Sara Turner - Founder of Create a Magical Business

Julia McKeowen - Soul Centred Sales Queen

Janine Gregor - Virtual Dream Team Builder

Patricia Missakian - Founder Akashic Records Institute

Tom Morkes - Founder, Insurgent Publishing

Darla Kirchner - Brand Story Coach for women in business

Anna Kowalska - Scientific Hand Analyst, Transformational Coach, Purpose Guide

Get the support you need to take your biz to the next level

Running your own business can be immensely fulfilling and liberating. When you’re doing what you love and you’re making the money you want, it’s awesome, right?

Yet the stark reality often finds you working your butt off trying to wear the many different hats of being an entrepreneur to keep your business running.

Social media, marketing, website, tech stuff… 

these are just a few of the things to be taken care of.

As a soulpreneur, you are passionate about expressing your gifts and talents in the world as you know your brilliance makes a difference.  

Yet the practical everyday aspects of running a business are usually not your favourite way to spend your days…

👍 Tracking your income and expenses

👍 writing website copy and emails

👍 having sales conversations

👍 attending networking events

Perhaps you don’t mind some of these yet if truth be told… 

Wouldn’t you rather have a team to take care of all that stuff you don’t really enjoy so you can focus on the work you love?

Having made a gazillion ‘mistakes’ along the way myself, I’ve also picked up a LOT of tips and tricks. 

Things I now share with my clients, things I wish I had known when I was starting my biz and at those pivotal times of expansion.

That’s why I invited 10 of my favourite Abundant Soulpreneurs who are experts in their field  to join me for the 5 Day Abundance Reset Challenge in 2018 to share their top 3 tips with you, the things they wish they’d known back when.

So as to potentially save you years of frustration and wasting thousands of dollars. 

In case you missed that awesome event or you'd love to listen to their wisdom again...

You can now get ALL the replays to add to your business training resource library to support you for years to come.

Inside the Abundant Soulpreneur Wisdom Bundle you'll get access to:

All the replays from our team of experts in sales, copywriting, sales funnels, marketing and mastering social media, branding, unstoppable confidence, energy alignment and so much more.
10 videos, 10 mp3 to download, and transcripts of all the interviews in the Abundant Soulpreneur Resource Guide PDF.

The Juicy Topics Covered

  • Learn at least one way you can turn your virtual professional into a Profit Centre and have them pay for themselves. 
  • Discover the 3 Key Elements of your personal brand so you can captivate your ideal clients.
  • Learn how to create social media conversations that convert to customers.
  • Discover 3 Soul Centred Sales Secrets that will help you naturally and confidently turn conversations into clients!
  • Learn how to create the life you want with the Akashic Records.
  • Learn why and how to create a business that serves you while you are of service to your ideal, soul destined clients.
  • Let’s create the True Confidence you need to be Unstoppable on your path to Abundance. 
  • Discover the 3 keys to creating a magical business so you can be an empowered change-maker in the world.
  • Discover the 3 secrets to creating an irresistible Signature Process that clearly communicates the value of your work and inspires your prospects to say YES.
  • The 3 secrets to generating 6-figures from your next launch.

Your Host

Tina van Leuven - Abundance Mindset Mentor, Joyful Soul Business Coach and International Bestseller Author.

Tina helps soulpreneurs align their energy and mindset with the intentions, desires, and vision they have for their business and their life. 

She does this by helping to clear their money blocks and energetically release lifelong limiting programming that have been sabotaging entrepreneurs from creating the results they know deep within their hearts are possible, yet haven’t been able to achieve. 

Tina helps entrepreneurs reconnect with their own source of joy and abundance while discovering ways to express that in their business so that they may ​ monetise their unique gifts.

She knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence.

What's included?

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Abundant Soulpreneur Wisdom Bundle
Janine Gregor – Turn your virtual professional into a Profit Center
Darla Kirchner – Discover the 3 Key Elements of your Personal Brand so you can Captivate your Ideal Clients
Stefanie LaHart – Learn how to create social media conversations that convert to customers.
Julia McKeowen – Discover 3 Soul Centred Sales Secrets
Patricia Missakian – Create the Life You Want with the Akashic Records
Anna Kowalska – How to Create a Business That Serves You and Your Soul Destined Clients
Samara Stone – Let’s create the True Confidence you need to be Unstoppable on your path to Abundance.
Sara Estelle Turner – The 3 Keys to Creating a Magical Business
Joseph Rea – The 3 Secrets to Creating an Irresistible Signature Process
Tom Morkes – The 3 secrets to generating 6-figures from your next launch
Abundant Soulpreneur Resource Guide 2018
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BONUS - 5 Day Abundance Reset with Tina
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Abundance Mindset Mentoring, Heart Based Marketing and Business Coaching for Soulpreneurs to create and sustain  a deeply fulfilling and thriving Soul Business​.