Juicy JOY Bundle by Tina van Leuven

Juicy JOY Bundle

Keep your Joy Tank filled!

33 JOY Beacons from around the world share their journey to joy with you and lots of juicy practical tips to spark YOUR joy to a whole new level in every area of your life. 

The Juicy Joy Bundle includes: 

  • 16+ hours of super inspiring conversations to spark your joy - download all 33 audio mp3's for inspiration on tap

  • a fabulous printable JOY Sparker Journal with intentional questions to deepen your experience  
  • Plus a gazillion joy sprinkles of appreciation for participating and saying YES to JOY πŸ’•
What kind of world can we create together when we choose to BE joy?... Let's find out!  

Fill your Joy Tank and keep it filled with the Juicy JOY Bundle 😍 All for just $47 

What will your ​life, relationships, health and wealth feel like with more joy?

Regardless of how much or how little joy you're currently experiencing in your life, whether it's in your business, your health, your finances, your relationships, your creative expression or simply in being alive on the planet at this time...

What if there's a whole new level of joy for you to receive and experience?...

And what if you had access to super practical support to turn up the joy in any area of your choosing?

Would you say YES to welcoming more joy in your life right now?