Welcome to our 40 day Money and Miracles adventure together!

By having signed up, you have declared you are ready to consciously create miracles in all areas of your life, including financially.

I invite you to set aside some time every day to dedicate to pondering the questions posed, to listen to the audios and to share your insights, experiences, questions and wisdom in our private Facebook group.

We are creating this field together and as we share and contribute, who knows what else will be possible and available?

That is what excites me about this ever evolving 40 day experience.

By committing to showing up for yourself every day for the next 40 days, you will be declaring your willingness.

And as you play your way through the questions and open into what's possible, you will discover you are certainly able.

Nalini, from Chalice of Wisdom, generously offered to create some BONUS audios for the original experiment which are specifically addressing underlying issues which may have been sabotaging you from experiencing and allowing a consistent and abundant flow of money in your life.

Sara Turner, from Moonflower Essences, generously offered the beautiful BONUS flower messages with each of the 40 days.

So... ready to start? Our first day is a bit more comprehensive than the rest of the days will be and contains a series of questions to get clear on where you are at the moment in your relationship with money and it invites you to let go of all you have ever made it mean. Plus the first BONUS audio from Nalini.

OK... ready?

Take some time to answer the questions below, which are also in your Money and Miracles Journal.

I encourage you to keep a note in your journal of the miracles showing up every day and to celebrate them in our private Facebook group.

Something to keep in mind, as I am sure you know, is that the essence of what you truly desire can show up in many ways and forms.

When you get clear on what the benefits are of what you are asking for, in other words...
  1. what it will bring me?
  2. what does it feel like when this is in my life?

and you LET GO of HOW this shows up, you open yourself to be surprised by what is possible. Which tends to pretty much always be way more than your mind could have conjured up.

The more aligned you are, the more miraculous your life is.

When you take time to clear out the incongruencies and bring your inspired actions in alignment with your intentions, how can it be any other way?

  1. What does money represent for me?
  2. What have I made the absence or lack of money mean about me, my life, others and the world?
  3. What have I made the presence or abundance of money mean about me, my life, others and the world?
  4. On a scale of 0-10, how do I currently feel about my relationship with money? With 0 being totally disconnected and with 10 being completely in divine alignment.
  5. What am I most afraid of when it comes to money?
  6. If it were possible to access all the definitions I have ever held about money and everything I made it mean in any of my bodies ~ physical, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual and all the other layers ~ and I could let them all go now... would I?

Here is the first of Nalini's BONUS audios for you to listen to and enjoy. On the fear of loss.

To download, just right click on the player and it will download onto your computer. You may be asked where you would like to save it.

I love to listen to these more than once. Let yourself be guided to what is optimal for you.



As I was enjoying daily yoga for over 90 days and loved how this was supporting me, I thought you might enjoy this 3 minute exercise. It is called Ego Eradicator and is amazing to release attachments, identifications and limitations...
Here is a video by Anne Novak that guides you through the exercise.

If you're game for a longer sequence, then you might enjoy the Fire of Transformation series I started my 40 day journey with. This is one of the many videos on Gaiam TV. Here is the link:  https://www.gaia.com/video/fire-transformation

You can of course choose any other activity which feels good to you, just do it. Dance, sing, do cartwheels, whatever lifts your spirit!

Many joy sprinkles of appreciation and

joyful blessings,


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