Welcome to Day 1 on our 40 Days of JOY adventure!

  • What are your definitions of joy? 
  • And what about transformation?

The colors that are sharing themselves with us today are violet, yellow, emerald green and olive green.

You can find out more about them in the video below and experience their energy in the audio.

Color has been called the language of the soul and it bypasses our conscious minds. 

So... as you see the colors, allow yourself to receive their vibrations and give yourself permission to receive what is optimal for you in each moment.

The message of #16 'The Violet Robe':

"The more I get in touch with my purpose, the more fulfilled my life will be."

This is all about transformation and allowing your definitions of what transformation is and what being of service is to be transformed. 

The violet light can release the grief held in your body and energy field of those times you dedicated yourSELF and your life to Source and it may not have been a joyful experience.

What if you could allow yourself to experience transformation, growth and expansion through JOY?...

The underlying energy of 16 is 7 ( 6+1=7) so is infused into today's color JOY booster.

The message of #7 'Final Test of Faith' :

"I have no limits. I let go of those I have set for myself."

This is all about trusting the process of life, claiming the space you require to tap into the wisdom and spaciousness of your heart as you allow yourself to experience the joy of expressing your heart's wisdom in the world.

It's about getting out of your head and into your heart, calling for a willingness to surrender into yourSELF and to trust. 

When these colors are blended it becomes olive green, the color of divine feminine leadership. Regardless of whether you're in a male or female body, this is about embodying power, embodying love as Source defines love.

EnJOY this color infusion and I wonder where your joy sprinkles will guide you today...

Here's today's JOY Booster audio. Day 1 of 40 Days of JOY. Audio duration 9:04

Day 1 of 40 Days of JOY.mp3 7.31 MB

Go forth and let joy be your guide!

joyful blessings,

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