5 Day Abundance Reset Challenge by Tina van Leuven
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5 Day Abundance Reset Challenge

The Most Exciting Online Abundance Event of the Year happened in September 2018. The good news is that you can still experience the Abundance Reset Activations to upgrade YOUR abundance frequency NOW. - $97 value
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Give Your Abundance Mindset an Upgrade with these Powerful Abundance Reset Activations:

  1. Discover the 3 word Money Miracle Mantra that will instantly align you with the joy and abundance you desire and deserve.

  2. Find out which of the 4 most common sabotaging money beliefs is zapping your money mojo and experience the freedom as you release its grip on you once and for all!

  3. Turn up your manifesting power with this simple, yet very effective method for instantly clearing your money crap and tapping into new flow of abundance.

  4. Reclaim your ticket to freedom so you never have to deal with feeling unworthy, guilty or "not enough" when it comes to money ever again!

  5. How to recognise the inner shitty committee and stop them from boycotting your juicy money goals so you can actually receive the increased flow of abundance you’ve been seeking.

Your Host

Tina is a Joyful Soul Business Coach and Money Mindset Mentor for soulpreneurs who are ready to increase their abundance frequency and take their income to the next level by doing what they love and BEing the light they are.

She knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence.

What's included?

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Contents - Video Replays

Day One with Tina – Money Miracle Mantra
Day Two with Tina - 4 Most Common Sabotaging Money Beliefs
Day Three with Tina – Turn Up Your Manifesting Power
Day Four with Tina – Reclaim Your Ticket To Freedom
Day Five with Tina - The Inner Shitty Committee
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